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Historic Buildings

Henry Ward Beecher Describes Litchfield

Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Mandarin, Florida
Morikami Japanese Gardens

New York: Hudson River Valley
Catskill: Cedar Grove (1815)
Constitution Island: Warner House (1836)
Garrison: Boscobel (1808)
Hudson: Olana (1872)
Hudson: Houses on Union Street
New Windsor: Ellison House/Knox’s Headquarters (1754)
Newburgh: Hasbrouck House/Washington’s Headquarters (1750)
Terrytown: Lyndhurst (1838)
Terrytown: Sunnyside (1835)

New York: Long Island
Some Lighthouses of Eastern Long Island Sound
Cove Neck: Sagamore Hill (1884)
Huntington: Walt Whitman Birthplace (1810)
Oyster Bay: Raynham Hall (1740)
Southold: Buildings of the Southold Historical Society

New York: Staten Island
New York Chinese Scholar’s Garden

New York: Brooklyn
Plymouth Church (1849)
Three Historic Houses in Brooklyn
Wyckoff House (1652)


James Madison’s Montpelier (1812)

Harriet Beecher Stowe in Scotland

Part One: Entering Scotland
Part Two: Glasgow
Part Three: Bothwell Castle
Part Four: Along the River Clyde
Part Five: Edinburgh
Part Six: Journey To Aberdeen
Part Seven: Aberdeen
Part Eight: Dundee
Part Nine: Abbotsford
Part Ten: Dryburgh Abbey
Part Eleven: Melrose Abbey
Part Twelve: Making Calls
Part Thirteen: Hawthornden Castle
Part Fourteen: Adieu to Scotland

The Kingdom of Naples

Part 1: Background: From the Normans to the Hohenstaufens
Part 2: Charles I (1266-1285)
Part 3: Charles II (1285-1309)
Part 4: Robert (1309-1343)
Part 5: Joanna I (1343-1382)
Part 6: Charles III (1382-1386)
Part 7: Ladislaus (1386-1414)
Part 8: Joanna II (1414-1435)
Part 9: René (1435-1442)
Part 10: Alfonso I (1442-1458)
Part 11: Ferdinand I (1458-1494)
Part 12: Alfonso II (1494-1495)
Part 13: Ferdinand II (1495-1496)
Part 14: Frederick (1496-1501)
Part 15: Louis [XII of France] (1501-1504)
Part 16: Ferdinand [II of Aragon] (1504-1516)
Part 17: Charles [V, Holy Roman Emperor] (1516-1554)
Part 18: Philip [II of Spain] (1554-1598)
Part 19: Philip [III of Spain] (1598-1621)
Part 20: Philip [IV of Spain] (1621-1665)
Part 21: Charles [II of Spain] (1665-1700)
Part 23: Charles VI (1714-1734)
Part 24: Charles VII (1734-1759)
Part 25: Ferdinand IV (1759-1816)
Part 26: The Kingdom of the Two Sicilies (1816-1861)