Southold Historical Society

Departing Long Island by heading along the North Fork towards the ferry to New London, we passed the museum buildings of the Southold Historical Society. They were not open at the time, but I took pictures of many of the structures, which make up an impressive museum campus. I also was able to visit the gift shop, which is housed not far away in what was the old Henry W. Prince Dry Goods Store. Southold was originally founded by Puritans from the New Haven Colony and when New Haven was absorbed into Connecticut, Southold remained under Connecticut jurisdiction until 1674.

001Ann Currie-Bell House

002Bay View School

003Thomas Moore House

006Downs Carriage House

010Pine Neck Barn

011The Buttery

012Overton Corn Crib

013Ice House

HW PrinceHenry W. Prince Dry Goods Store