Back in 2007 I visited Montpelier, the plantation estate of James Madison located near Orange, Virginia. It was an interesting time to visit, because the house was still undergoing restoration and so we went on a “hard hat tour.” It would be interesting to revisit now that the restorations have been completed. The oldest part of the house was built around 1764 by the president’s father, James Madison, Sr. James Madison built an addition to the house in 1797 as a residence for himself and his wife Dolley. In 1812 he unified the interior of the house and added two wings on either side. The house was enlarged and much altered in the twentieth century by William duPont and then by his daughter, Marion duPont. Now owned by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the house has been restored to its 1812 appearance.


Montpelier RestorationRestoration underway.

Side of MontpelierPart of the exterior of the house that still had its duPont-era paint color.

Montpelier ViewView from Montpelier.

duPont Horse TrackIn front of the house is the steeplechase track used for the Montpelier Hunt Races, established by Marion duPont in 1934.

Mr. Madison's TempleMr. Madison’s Temple.

Garden entranceEntrance to the Annie duPont Garden.

GardenPart of the Garden.