Raynham Hall

After visiting Theodore Roosevelt’s house on Long Island, we went into the town of Oyster Bay and I visited the historic house known as Raynham Hall (named after Raynham Hall, a country house in Norfolk, England). Dating to a little before 1740, the older part of the house is a saltbox, originally occupied by the Samuel Townsend family. A Victorian era addition was made in 1851. Unlike the previous sites featured here, I was not given a guided tour of Raynham Hall, but instead visitors walk through on their own and read interpretive signs. This house is distinctive because some of the interior rooms are furnished to reflect the colonial era and others the Victorian era. To aid visitors, it is explained that rooms with carpeting are Victorian and rooms with bare floorboards are Colonial. This is an interesting way to present the house, which does span different time periods and allows visitors to make direct comparisons.