After visiting Olana and Cedar Grove, I took some pictures in the city of Hudson, NY. Warren Street in Hudson is famous for its Victorian architecture, but Union Street (which is parallel to Warren to the south) has many nineteenth-century houses. The house in the picture above is the c. 1850 Terry-Gillette Mansion at 601 Union Street, designed by Richard Upjohn. Below are some more of the interesting houses with approximate dates of construction.

617-619 Union Street, a Gothic Revival house c. 1860.

611 Union Street, a Gothic Revival house, c. 1855.

20 South 6th Street (at the corner of Union Street), Emanuel Lutheran Church (1893-1894), designed by Michael J. O’Connor.

535 Union Street, a Queen Anne house, c. 1900.

534-536 Union Street, a two-family house c. 1860.

532 Union Street, house with Eastlake-style porch, c. 1888.

531 Union Street, house with curved porch, c. 1865.

525 Union Street, an eclectic Victorian house, c. 1870.

515 Union Street, an Italianate house, c. 1870.

509 and 507 Union Street, two matching houses, c. 1860.

503 Union Street, brick Second Empire-style apartment building, c. 1870.

35 South 5th Street, off Union Street, c. 1895.

39 South 5th Street, an Italianate villa, c. 1860.

455 Union Street, c. 1880 and 453 Union Street, c.1850.

Another view of 453 Union Street.

449 Union Street, a Gothic Revival house, c. 1860.

333 Union Street, a French Second Empire House, c. 1870.

212 Union Street, house built c. 1880.

Gen. Worth House, 211 Union Street. Built c. 1790, this Federal-style house was the birthplace, on March 1, 1794, of William Jenkins Worth, a major general in the Mexican War, who died at San Antonio, TX in 1849. Fort Worth, TX is named for him. The house was recently rebricked.