A few years ago I visited the New York Chinese Scholar’s Garden, which is part of the Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden on New York City’s Staten Island. It is a fairly recent New York attraction, having opened in 1999. It was constructed by Chinese artists and artisans from Suzhou, which is renowned for its classical Chinese Gardens. Pictured above is the Tea House of Hearing Pines. See below for more pictures.

Rocks in front of the Tea House of Hearing Pines.

Entrance to the Tea House of Hearing Pines.

Knowing Fish Pavilion.

Pure Flow Bridge.

Looking toward the Calming Flow Pavilion from the Pure Flow Bridge.

Moon Gate of Uncommon Beauty.

To the left of the Moon Gate is the Cool Jade Pavilion or Pavilion of Chilly Green. On the far left is the Assured Tranquility Pavilion.

Meandering Cloud Wall.

Moon Viewing Pavilion or Terrace of Crispness.