Sagamore Hill

Sagamore Hill, located near Long Island’s Oyster Bay, was the home of President Theodore Roosevelt. The Shingle-style Queen Anne House was built in 1884-1885, with the addition of a substantial “North Room” in 1905. Now a National Historic Site, Sagamore Hill is an example of a house which has survived intact with original furnishings and it really gives a sense of Teddy Roosevelt having just stepped out. I was able to visit the house on the same trip which brought me to the Whitman Birthplace and the President’s home was the main site I wanted to visit on Long Island. Yes, Theodore Roosevelt is one of my favorite historical figures (I also want to go on a tour of his reconstructed birthplace in Manhattan some time!) The house is on an estate which also included the home (see below) of the President’s son, General Theodore Roosevelt Jr., which is now the Old Orchard Museum and has exhibits presenting the life of TR.

Old Orchard Museum