Both on the way and returning from our most recent trip to Pennsylvania, we stopped at Milford, PA. Milford is the county seat of Pike County and is near where Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey border each other. Below are some images of historic structures in town. I used the map on the historical plaque above to guide me through the Milford Historic District. Click on the links to visit sites that have more info about the individual structures in Milford‘s downtown. And note that we visited on a very overcast day. We also drove up the road from downtown to Grey Towers, the home of Gifford Pinchot. It was too late to take a tour of the house, but it would be a good place to visit in the future. By the way, did you know that Pinchot was born in a house in Simsbury, CT? You can read about that house over at Historic Buildings of Connecticut.

001The Greek Revival-style Pinchot Homestead (1855); now the Milford Community House and Pike County Public Library.

002Part of the French-influenced Forest Hall (1907), which was intended by the Pinchots to have businesses on the first floor and classrooms for Yale’s School of Forestry on the second floor.

003Impressive Shingled steeple of the Romanesque Revival-style First Presbyterian Church (1874).

004Hotel Fauchere (1880); the hotel is traditionally dated as originating in 1852, with the current Italianate hotel building being constructed in 1880. The hotel has recently been restored and reopened.

005Pike County Court House (1874).

006Old Stone County Courthouse and Jail (1814); later served as a Presbyterian, then a Methodist, then an Episcopal church!

007The house known as the Columns is home
to the Pike County Historical Society.

008Milford Schoolhouse (1904); now houses shops and offices.

009Pinchot’s Grey Towers (1886), designed by Richard Morris Hunt.