Orient Point LightOrient Point Lighthouse (1889)

In my last post, I mentioned the buildings of the Southold Historical Society. In addition to those structures, the Society also has a Nautical Museum in Horton Point Lighthouse. Horton Point Light was established in 1857. My Long Island Trip ended with the journey by ferry from Orient Point to New London. On this journey, several lighthouses can be seen. Off of Long Island is the Orient Point Lighthouse, which was built in 1889. Later on, Little Gull Island Lighthouse can be seen in the distance. This tower was built in 1868. The ferry also passes close by Plum Island. The current Plum Island Lighthouse was built in 1870. Three more lighthouses can be seen as the ferry enters New London harbor: New London Harbor, New London Ledge, and Avery Point Lighthouses. These are covered over at Historic Buildings of Connecticut.

Horton Point LightHorton Point Lighthouse (1857)

LGILittle Gull Island Lighthouse (1868)

Plum Island LightPlum Island Lighthouse (1870)