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Three Historic Houses in Brooklyn

In addition to he Wyckoff House, I also saw three other early historic houses in Park Slope, Brooklyn. The Lefferts House (above) was closed, so I didn’t go inside. The house was built in 1783 and was the former home of Continental Army Lieutenant Pieter Lefferts. In 1918, it was moved six blocks to Prospect Park, where it is now a children’s museum. › Continue reading…

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Wyckoff House (1652)

On my most recent trip to Brooklyn, I visited the Wyckoff Farmhouse, at 5816 Clarendon Road. Less than a century ago, this house was surrounded by farm fields and there were other Dutch colonial farm houses nearby. The Wyckoff House, isolated in Milton Fidler Park, now is surrounded by twentieth-century development. The oldest section of the house (on the right, in the image above) dates to 1652. Other rooms were added in the eighteenth and the first half of the nineenth century. › Continue reading…

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I’m getting ready for a trip to Brooklyn later today and I’m reminded of some previous visits there. I won’t be going to the neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights this time, but I’ve stopped by there before to see Plymouth Church (designed by J.C. Wells and built in 1849-1850, the church is now called Plymouth Church of the Pilgrims, ever since Plymouth Church and the Church of the Pilgrims merged). Plymouth Church, a congregational church at 25 Hicks Street at Orange Street, is historically significant for its association with the famous nineteenth-century minister Henry Ward Beecher. Abolitionist, brother of Harriet Beecher Stowe and infamous due to the Beecher-Tilton scandal, Henry Ward Beecher was a fascinating figure. On my first visit to Brooklyn Heights, I took some pics of the church’s exterior. On a later visit I got to go inside the church. › Continue reading…

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