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Graeme Park (1722)

GP 001

After visiting Hope Lodge, it was a brief trip over to Graeme Park, in Horsham in Montgomery County, PA. The blur in the picture above is not a ghost. Instead, I blurred our tour guide for the sake of privacy! This historic home was built in 1722 for William Keith, who was colonial Deputy Governor of Pennsylvania (for the then absent Penn family) from 1717 to 1726. The house, which was later named Graeme Park for Dr. Thomas Graeme, is a beautiful stone structure with striking blue trim. As for the interior, the rooms are mostly empty with just a few items of furniture, so the emphasis is on the paneling of this distinctive home. › Continue reading…

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Hope Lodge (1748)

Hope Lodge

Returning home from my trip this summer to Philadelphia, I stopped at two historic home outside the city. The first stop was Hope Lodge, in Fort Washington in Montgomery County. Hope Lodge is a classic Georgian-style country mansion, built between 1743 and 1748 for a Quaker businessman named Samuel Morris. It was designed by Philadelphia architect Edmund Woolley and is a country cousin to the grand houses in Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park. As a house museum, Hope Lodge is notable for presenting two time periods inside: the Colonial and the Colonial Revival (not unlike the Webb House in Wethersfield, Connecticut). Also of note are the extensive basement rooms, which include a meat cellar, dairy cellar, scullery, and root cellar.

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